Ongoing or recently finished projects
US Grants and Contracts
   us programs logos
  • OceanObs Research Coordination Network
  • EarthCube Concept Award for Brokering
  • EarthCube Principal Investigators Coordination
  • Earthcube Building Blocks: a Brokering Framework (BCube)
  • Earthzine
  • Societal Benefits GEOSS workshops
  • Socio-economics benefits and impacts of environmental information
European Framework Projects Participants
  • EuroGEOSS
Advisory  Boards (European Projects)
  • EO2Heaven
  • Medina
  • Afromaison
  • Earthserver
  • Iason
Other Activities
  • Past GEO Principal (IEEE) and co-chair of GEOSS Architecture and Data Committee
  • Standards and Best Practices Registries
  •  Humanitarian Initiatives in technology and  water.

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